Friday, 9 July 2010

Anlysing Music Video Dvd

Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes in Super Human
  • Font: Bright Yellow and Bold so grabs your attention
  • Photograph: Missy Elliott is the largest so your attention is focused on her, also shows she is the more important star. Both artists expressions and body language is defiant in the photo.
  • List of features on the back of Dvd cover
  • 4 Screen grabs on the back of both artist's videos
  • Colour: Blended tie die colours trying to show an abstract style
  • Whole look of the Dvd cover is very amateur, the photo of Missy Elliott is out of focus and the choice of background is unattractive. 0000

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Still image plan

We have chosen Salt n Peppa.
The images are going to star Heidi and Liberty.

Locations - against a wall, on-stage, Recording booth.

Costumes - bright colours, necklaces, sunglasses, bright make-up.

title to DVD cover would be push it as that is the title of the single. We would have the cover looking bright and fun.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Comparison of CD Cover and DVD Cover

CD Cover- BEYONCE- I am Sascha Fierce


I would say that both covers are targeted at a female audience. The album cover focuses on one person which is Beyonce therefore the target audience would be fans that follow her music and her as a celebrity.

Comparison of CD and DVD cover

These two posters are for a film(Mean girls) and a CD single(Lady Gaga-paparazzi). They are both targeted at the same audience however they have different ways of attracting audiences.
Lady GaGa's Cd cover repeats "Paparazzi" three times on the album cover this helps the audience to remember the name of the track because it has been written in bright and bold font in a contrasting color to the rest of the text and the main image. The font of the text looks cartoony or the style of text that would appear in a comic book making the album seem playful. The "Mean girls" cover has utilized the same effect by showing the title of the movie in giant letters that contrast with the background. The actresses on the front are wearing clothes that stand out from the color scheme showing that they are principle characters.

Gaga is the only one on the CD cover:she is posing quite provocatively and the background is of a police mug shot her hair and makeup look like she has been up partying suggesting that she is rebellious and different. This cover would appeal to fans of GaGa because her bleached blond hair and controversial style of dress are aspects that have become typical and recognizable about her. The mugshot also ties in with the music video of "paparazzi".

Lindsay Lohans pose and facial expressions suggest that she is the main protagonist of of the film; the tagline "Watch your back" suggests that she will be antagonized or there will be a disruption to the equilibrium by the three characters in the back as their poses are quite intimidating and shot at a low angle. They are all also wearing pink showing unity and conformation.
the release date of the movie although in a smaller font is really bold therefore really visible. lohan's name is in bigger letters than the date showing that she is quite an important selling point for the movie as is Tina Fey's name. the background of the poster is really plain forcing the viewer to focus on the characters and the text.

Cover Comparison

DVD covers for Films vary in design to DVD covers for music.

Music cover:

Metallica use unique font for the title, this is easily recognizable to fans. They also have pictures of the band performing, there are shots of the individual members instead of just the main singer. This lets people appreciate the band as a whole and makes it more about the bands music instead of the image. The style of music is easily recognized from the cover, this will help attract anyone interested in that genre of music.

this cover fits in with nirvana's style of having stuff in black and white which will allow fans to recognize them. the shot is also of the band so this tells us that they are trying to sell the band through its music. We can tell from the black and white and stance of the members that the songs will be in a depressing tone.

This cover shows a laid back, relaxed look to it which can tell us what the music is about.

from the look of the cover we can see the genre of music quite clearly, it is rather grungy and death related, the main clues to this are the masks and dark tint. This cover breaks away from conventions because it refuses to have a title which makes it stand out to the rest.

DVD film cover:

This movie cover shows us lots of scenes from it. it helps us understand what the movie will be about and allows you to recognize famous actors that may attract you to watch it.

This cover shows us that the film isn't that serious and the bright colours will make it appeal to young individuals. The fact that well renowned actors do the voices might make the film appeal to older people aswell.

As we can see here, movie covers tend to showcase the characters and story. Film covers also showcase the celebrity actors, whereas a music cover won't always have the names of all the members of group on the cover.

Music covers normally will have a picture of the band on the cover. they will also have the track list.

Live action movies often have scenes from the movie on the cover.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Mise en scene in our video

We will include guitars and we will all be wearing black clothes. We will all be wearing black sunglasses and also the video will be in black and white to fit with the theme of the song.
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